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    Our light loads solutions

    Our light loads solutions

    Robotic Storage System

    BOA Concept offers solutions that facilitate access to automation.

    After having democratized, in 2012, automated conveying solutions through Plug-and-Carry®, BOA Concept tackles the automated storage of light loads.

    After a first version deployed at La Boule OBUT, and awarded in the framework of “Les Rois de la Supply Chain” in 2021, BOA Concept come back with a storage solution based on shuttle-robots and accessible to all companies.

    New Symbol

    The skeleton of the installation.
    Designed to be deployed quickly,
    it can be easily assembled
    like all BOA Concept® solutions.

    Do you want to extend your automated
    storage system without having to modify the existing rack structure?

    Plug-and-Store® ensures business continuity even in the event of an extension.

    Groupe 5533

    Equiped with their own intelligence, they are autonomous and themselves choose the optimal path to collect or store a container.

    The entire fleet is managed by the BOA Drive® supervisor, guaranteeing the fluidity of exchanges between all BOA Concept solutions, whether it is storage or transitics.

    Groupe 5537

    Your products are stored in plastic containers, all with their unique label allowing the system to constantly know their content.

    Conveying system

    Conveying system

    A roller conveyor that meets your needs

    As a business facilitator, BOA Concept has developed a modular and intelligent conveying system called Plug-and-Carry®. This conveyor operates thanks to electronic cards integrated in each module for an exchange of information in real time.

    Groupe 5452
    Quick & Easy

    Equipped with several standard elements (from 1 to 3 meters), this conveyor is tested and wired in our workshops for quick and easy installation.

    Groupe 5453

    Designed to streamline your order preparation operations from reception to shipment.

    Tracé 18026

    Each module is connected to our WCS which recognizes the entire line without having to configure it.

    Groupe 5454

    No PLC, an installation in agile mode that does not require any blocking of the site.

    Groupe 5455

    Modifications without additional cost, simple and inexpensive maintenance thanks to standard modules.

    Groupe 5456
    100% electric

    an energy efficient system that only works when a load is detected.

    Conveying system

    Conveying system

    The Plug-and-Carry® BELT retains all the advantages of Plug-and-Carry® with rollers and perfectly matches the needs of e-commerce: able to manage bins, parcels, bags and envelopes on the same line. The Plug-and-Carry® BELT is the first modular and intelligent conveying system making it possible to transfer, label and weigh heterogeneous loads on a single system.

    • Rate: 1,500 packages / hour
    • Widths: from 500mm to 900mm
    • maximum load: 35kg / meter
    • 1 motorized roller per meter
    • Local intelligence in each of the elements
    • 100% electric
    • Poly V belts
    Reading System

    Reading System

    Offering you the best technical solution

    In order to ensure the traceability of your loads, it is very often necessary to read barcodes or RFID tags.

    Thus we are able to read your labels on 1 to 5 sides thanks to barcode readers or reading cameras. We can also provide you with RFID tunnels for the identification of your loads.

    Finally, you will also be able to ensure the quality of your shipments by installing cameras allowing photos to be taken before closing. All the reading information is passed step by step thanks to the onboard intelligence of Plug-and-Carry®.

    This information is also found within BOA Drive to allow you to analyze your flows.

    Weighing System

    Weighing System

    Adapt to your needs.

    To meet your needs, we also offer dynamic or static weighing systems according to the expected rates.
    Conventional weighing systems consist of stopping the package to record its mass before it leaves the line again. A dynamic weighing system will allow the package to be weighed as it passes over the line without stopping it in order to maintain the expected rate.
    This system also allows you to ensure the quality of your shipments by comparing the weight of the package to that indicated in your item database.

    Simplify your load transfers

    AMR robots are a great way to transfer loads from one point of the warehouse to another without constantly occupying space.

    They prove to be very relevant for weak or occasional flows (returns of empty bins for example).

    – They facilitate load transferts with a low level of investment.

    They are therefore perfectly complementary to the Plug-and-Carry® conveyor lines. Indeed, the conveyor will allow you to work quickly and accumulate loads, where the AMR robot will facilitate the transfer of loads while leaving free space for the movement of your industrial trucks or your teams.

    For example, the Effibot robot from our partner Effidence associated with Plug-and-Carry® is proving to be a real asset.

    EffiBOT can be configured in “Cobot” mode (collaborative robot) or in autonomous robot mode. In the first case, it will act as a logistics assistant and follow your operators in their picking operations, it is then no longer necessary to pull or push trolleys: a real working comfort and a reduction of difficult working conditions.

    In stand-alone mode; it allows you to automate tasks in hidden time and therefore increase your productivity.

    The EffiBOT carries up to 300kg and is configurable as 2 or 4 wheel drive. Capable of moving at a speed of 6km / h. It is comfortable in various environments thanks to its sensors analyzing the environment at 360 °. Bidirectional, it thus avoids any unnecessary operation.



    Elevators level changes

    Level changes are frequent in warehouses. Indeed, the lack of available logistics surfaces pushes logistics companies to take advantage of the height of their building to increase their intralogistics capacities.

    BOA Concept helps you gain height by offering you different elevator systems: whether vertical, helical or rotary, we help you choose the best solution according to your loads and the expected rate.

    Elevators are an excellent solution to facilitate the passage of your handling equipment under a conveyor line.



    Offer you the best packaging solution

    The packaging of your products is an important parameter in your customers’ satisfaction.

    It is also one of the positions with the most repetitive and restrictive tasks in order preparation. It is also a key part of the cost of your shipments. In fact, the greater the volume of your shipments, the lower the number of orders shipped by truck and the more your transport costs increase.

    BOA Concept supports you in choosing your packaging solution, taking into account your flow and the type of your products.The most automated solution consists in the installation of packaging machines and there again, choices are numerous. Some machines will first form a box which, once filled with your products, will be reduced in height and closed automatically. The other solution is 3D packaging where the machine scans your products and then cuts the cardboard to the exact format of the products in your order.

    There are also semi-automated solutions that will automatically tape your boxes for shipment. To make your shipments even more secure, you can also set up automatic strapping machines. Finally, to wedge your products, BOA Concept also supports you in choosing the best existing wedging solutions to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition.

    Note that for the majority of these packaging systems, it is possible to provide customization to enhance the experience of your customers.



    Meet your traceability challenges.

    In order to ensure the follow-up of your packages, BOA Concept offers you various labeling solutions. Whether it is the implementation of a tracking label to follow your loads along your handling line or transport labeling, we offer you different options allowing you to meet your traceability challenges. Finally, it is possible to label on the 6 sides of a package, to label a container or even a flexible bag.

    Depending on your loads and expected rates, we support you in choosing the best labeling solution and of course interfacing it with the rest of your machine park.

    (Un)loading system

    (Un)loading system

    Be flexible thanks to personalized solutions

    To limit the carrying of loads while increasing the productivity of your loading and unloading operations, BOA Concept offers you various conveying solutions. These solutions can be flexible, telescopic, motorized or not and provide an effective response to your productivity challenges with gains of 20 to 30%.
    These conveyor systems are modular and can be easily moved from one dock to another. They can also allow the counting of your loads in reception or in shipment. Capable of handling different types of loads, they also facilitate the handling of your heterogeneous loads thanks to different configurations, roller or belt.
    Finally, they can also be fitted with integrated platforms to make it easier to pick up or drop off loads at height in trucks and thus improve the working conditions of your teams.

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