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    Solution Plug-and-Pick

    NEW: Our robotised picking system

    Picking is one of the last intralogistics processes that is not yet, or only to a limited extent, automated.

    While there are currently solutions dedicated to homogeneous picking, there are very few robots capable of offering heterogeneous picking. Automating this link in the order preparation process will improve warehouse performance and customer satisfaction, as well as offering better working conditions for operators.



    Benefits of automated system

    Groupe 5279
    Responding to changes in the market and resources
    • Responding to labour shortages in the sector and the impact of seasonality
    • Reduce fixed costs
    • Rapid ROI
    • Continuous work, no break in workload
    Groupe 5356
    Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction
    • Reduced order preparation time and shorter delivery times
    • Lower error rates, resulting in fewer returns and improved customer satisfaction
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    Improved working conditions
    • By eliminating workstations with highly repetitive movements, the risk of work-related injuries and musculoskeletal disorders is drastically reduced.
    • Responds to a function with low added value for operators, who can be repositioned (on control tasks, for example).
    • Reduced mental workload.
    Groupe 5281
    Smart Technology
    • Integrated vision system
    • Machine learning
    • Handling of heterogeneous loads
    • Simplified interfacing with other warehouse technologies

                    Le stand SITL 2023 avec le plug and pick

    Technical automated picking specifications

    • Different types of robot available depending on requirements
    • Different grippers available (and interchangeable) depending on the type of load
    • Pick detection and validation
    • Load identification during picking (integrated vision)
    • Up to 600 picks/hour
    • Available in 100% electric* version
    • Picking possible from bins, cartons, hives, trays.

    * Subject to compatible loads

    Automated product developed with the support of :

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