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    Intralogistic Solutions

    Are you looking for a flexible, innovative and easy to use solution to automate your warehouse?

    Flexible logistics are real added value to your offer.

    An optimized, ergonomic and attractive website is essential today but cannot stand on its own. The level of customer requirements is increasing day by day, e-merchants and logistics providers must provide them with flexibility and responsiveness. Make the customer journey as simple and personalized as possible, to build loyalty.

    Together, let’s build the solution adapted to your needs and which will bring satisfaction to your customers.

    Whether it is light, heterogeneous or heavy loads, we support you in the construction of your automated lines from reception to shipment, including the automated storage of your products.

    Our control software : BOA Drive®

    The solution that revolutionizes warehouse management

    BOA Drive® digitalizes your warehouses BOA Drive® digitalizes your warehouses

    By developing the WCS BOA Drive, we wanted to make order preparation and robotic storage applications more agile in order to bring a more collaborative approach.

    All the information is available in real time to allow supply chain teams to adapt to changes or even contingencies.

    True pilot of your installations, it offers you the agility you need on a daily basis.

    BOA Drive® gives you the autonomy you need. BOA Drive® gives you the autonomy you need.

    BOA Drive® automatically recognizes the line installed and allows you to have the synoptic on your control screen.

    If a module encounters a problem, it will be directly identified and your maintenance team can quickly intervene while ensuring the continuation of your operations.

    BOA Drive allows you to adapt the operation of your installations according to the availability of your teams and the vagaries of everyday life.

    With a simple click, you can open or close a sorting lane or a picking station, but also add or remove a carrier according to the pick-up times or the evolution of your contracts.

    BOA Drive® generates data. BOA Drive® generates data.

    BOA Drive® collects all the data generated by BOA Concept installations.

    Optimize your supply chain by providing dashboards (productivity rate per station, saturation rate).

    Adapt the operation of your line to the evolution of your flows. Optimize the launch of your preparation waves, rebalance your picking or packing stations. Improve your product locations.

    BOA Drive®, your maintenance ally. BOA Drive®, your maintenance ally.

    In the event of a breakdown, BOA Drive automatically identifies the defective element allowing rapid intervention without blocking production.

    An email will be automatically sent to our hotline teams allowing you to ascertain a possible breakdown.

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