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    Intralogistic Solutions

    Our heavy loads solutions

    Discover our heavy loads solutions

    As an integrator of global intralogistics solutions, BOA Concept works with you on all your automation projects to put in place the optimum ecosystem at the heart of your warehouses.

    As integrators of automated and robotised intralogistics solutions, the BOA Concept teams develop and select systems that are agile, eco-designed and easy for your staff to use.

    From system implementation, through to workstation ergonomics, deployment and maintenance, everything is designed to provide a made-to-measure, scalable and constraint-free solution. What’s more, BOA Concept also offers its solutions on a rental basis via its CAAS offer. Finally, to give you all the agility you need for your business, the BOA Drive WCS supervisor makes it easy to manage your installations.

    Plug & Carry Heavy Load
    Wrapping and Strapping

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