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    Our heavy loads solutions

    Our heavy loads solutions

    Conveying system

    Conveying system

    A conveyor that responds to the problems of handling heavy loads.

    Plug-and-Carry® Heavy Load is a pallet-type heavy load handling solution for industry, manufacturers, e-commerce professionals and logistics service providers.

    The innovation carried by Plug-and-Carry® Heavy Load also has the characteristic of being fully assembled, equipped (with load presence sensors) and programmed in the workshop. On-site assembly intervention is thus reduced to a minimum: each step is positioned in its place, connected by connector to its next and its previous one, then fixed to the ground. There is no on-site intervention for any assembly operation, for sensor connections or for programming the operation.

    The conveyor line for pallets can be made up of straight modules, drop-off and pick-up modules and turntables. The loads can vary from 10 to 1000kg, it is possible to convey pallets of 1200x800mm or other formats on request.

    • Rate: 15 meters / minute
    • Useful widths: from 900mm to 1300 mm
    • Maximum load: 1 ton / module
    • 1 motorized roller per module
    • Local intelligence in every step
    • 100% electric
    • Poly V-belts

    No civil engineering is required
    The system operates
    in temperatures ranging from
    + 5°C to + 30°C

    Wrapping and strapping

    Wrapping and strapping

    Protect your products before they are shipped.

    This contributes to the quality of your deliveries and therefore to the satisfaction of your customers. To guarantee this quality of service, BOA Concept offers you various automatic wrapping and strapping solutions.

    To protect your products during transport, the horizontal wrapping machine is an effective solution. It allows the load to be secured to the pallet while protecting your products from impacts, scratches or even theft. You thus secure your loads. In addition, this system also allows you to reduce your consumption of stretch film and reduce the musculoskeletal disorders very frequent on these repetitive workstations.

    To secure your products on pallets, strapping solutions are relevant. They bring rigidity to your shipments and allow, using a strap (plastic tie), to handle your products in position on the pallets. Thanks to an automated solution, you also drastically reduce repetitive movements and bring more comfort to your teams.

    Wrapping and strapping


    Handling heavy loads requires the installation of security systems to protect your teams.

    In order to provide a global response to your needs, we offer all the security systems associated with your pallet handling lines:


    to prevent intrusion into areas where pallets are moving and to improve the safety of your employees.


    which makes it possible to detect the human presence within a secure area and therefore to stop the machines to avoid any risk of accident.

    Those light

    can also have the function of muting and thus make the difference between the passage of a pallet and a man on a handling line.

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