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    Global Support

    An automation project is a dense topic and it is not always easy to know where to start.

    Our teams of experts support you throughout the reorganization of your Supply Chain up to the deployment of operational solutions. Together, we define the process that best meets your challenges (productivity, comfort of your teams, reduction of packaging, etc.) and we move forward at your own pace to make the changes that will make your efficiency tomorrow.
    Aware that site blockages can have serious consequences on the satisfaction of your customers, we make every effort to deploy our solutions as efficiently as possible and with the minimum impact on your intralogistic operations.


    By offering flexible and intelligent solutions, you are autonomous in the day-to-day operation of your handling lines. However, our experts are at your disposal to assist you in the event of a failure on your installation.

    Tracé 18042

    Thus, and thanks to the on-board intelligence of BOA Concept® solutions, the Hotline support can remotely access the line and assist you in resolving the failure. Never global, it is automatically identified thanks to BOA Drive. Our teams can then support yours in solving the problem.

    Tracé 18043

    If it is a component failure, the hotline will accompany you in its replacement and can also provide you with video tutorials to further facilitate maintenance. If it is an IT problem, our teams will take charge in a secure manner in order to resolve it. The hotline is included in BOA Concept’s maintenance contracts as well as a spare parts kit to ensure the autonomy you need on a daily basis.

    Rental Offer : CAAS®, Conveyor As A Service

    Our ambition is to offer flexible and innovative solutions.

    The modularity and scalability of BOA Concept solutions called for the same flexibility in terms of financing. The evolution of technologies and markets, the length of contracts in a competitive environment force companies to adapt more and more quickly: the CAAS® solution® allows users to benefit from a conveying service with all its advantages and all its updates.
    BOA Concept has always aspired to offer disruptive supply chain solutions and even today, the company is a pioneer by offering for the first time a rental mechanization offer. It is also tangible proof that all Plug-and-Carry® systems can be modified, moved and reused.

    Your conveyor
    line from
    1499 € / month

    Composant 48 – 1
    Who is this solution for?
    High growth companies

    This is the guarantee of covering an immediate need for automation without the need to overinvest.

    The system is sized according to current needs and can evolve according to future growth.

    Companies that lack visibility

    The CAAS® allows companies that do not have sufficient visibility not to give up mechanization and to free themselves from traditional financing methods.

    The rental contract makes it possible to retain debt and to be able to invest in other projects
    in parallel with automation.





    "ALL INCLUSIVE" contract

    The CAAS® is also the guarantee of having an installation in perfect condition throughout the year since maintenance is included in the contract, as are wearing parts: no more obsolete equipment and a line always available.

    Groupe 5433

    Smoothed and controlled budget
    allowing better visibility and easier decision-making in the context
    of an investment.


    Groupe 5435

    All inclusive contract
    Equipment, training, assistance, preventive and curative maintenance for a minimum renewable period of one year.

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