BOA Concept doubles its order intake in the first semester

Towards a turnover of over € 12 million for 2021.

BOA Concept, an innovative e-commerce accelerator and intralogistics specialist, announces a record acceleration in its order intake for 2021, which now stands at more than € 12 million as of June 30, i.e. double the level of orders for the year 2019. For information, this figure also represents 5 times the level of order intake for the year 2020, very disturbed by the health crisis.

This excellent trend continued at the start of the second half of the year, which already recorded orders in excess of € 2 million for the first half of July. This acceleration in order intake already allows BOA Concept to envisage 2021 turnover of around € 12 million, well above the initial objectives of € 9 million.

The major change in consumer reflexes driven by e-commerce confirms the success of BOA Concept’s solutions in this market.

With its unique concept and perfectly in line with the expectations of e-commerce players, BOA Concept continues to attract customers and prospects, recording increased visibility and the marked interest of new customers since its IPO.

BOA Concept further consolidates its legitimacy with the ordering of a new automated order preparation line by a global furniture giant: no less than 750 meters of Plug-and-Carry® conveyors will be deployed in the Lyon region. , continuing to operate a first Plug-and-Carry® line installed with this customer in October 2019.