PODCAST : Digitization of warehouses by BOA Concept (1/3)

BOA Concept discusses digitization and the real needs of warehouses in an unprecedented podcast season

Trouver le bon équilibre entre digitalisation et besoins réels des entrepôts, un sujet au cœur des entreprises que le spécialiste de l’intralogistique Boa Concept a souhaité évoquer au travers d’une saison de trois podcasts.

The democratization of automation solutions, the importance of the “field” vision and the intelligence of the tools. These are the topics that BOA Concept, e-commerce accelerator and intralogistics specialist, wished to develop through the voice of three of its experts: its Managing Director, Patrice Henrion; Romain Fratta, one of its Project Managers and Jean-Lucien Rascle, its CEO.

To start this series around the digitization of warehouses, Patrice HENRION, Managing Director, explains how, in a post-Covid world, consumption patterns have continued, or even accelerated their evolution towards more requirements and speed, impacting intralogistic equipments.



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