Smart Modular Conveyor
Our modules from 1 to 3 meters are equipped with an electronic card which allows them to communicate each other. We wire and test each module and, at the installation, a collective intelligence is setting up between modules.

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Our WCS-supervisor

It recognizes itself the circuit layout, no need for setting various elements, no need for indicating each element’s position in the line, the supervisor discovers it on its own.

A supervisor which looks for the best way from one point to another one taking account of the circuit layout and capacity.

A supervisor which acknowledge the layout modifications and adapts its automation program to address changes.



Boa Concept can accompany you in the creation of picking stations with the installation of conveyors but also with shelves “pick to light” and “put to light”. Plug-and-Carry® comes in rolls or belt, and is available in different widths, so we can offer tailored solutions to meet your expectations, but above all to optimize better your warehouses.



Because Boa Concept is by your side at each step of order picking, it also accompanies you at the bursting post thanks to the smart modular conveyor Plug-and-Carry®, it become possible to identify automatically the carried load and orient it correctly without setting up the WCS. Indeed, thanks to the intelligence embedded in each module, information is relayed in real time assuring the parcel follow throughout its preparation./p>


Because the constraint of placing on pallets is important, but also because Boa Concept is committed to sustainable development, we also have the capacity to supply carton erecting machines and height reduction machines. These machines combined with our smart modular conveyor Plug-and-Carry®, provide an optimum solution with the adapted size of parcel for each product. Finally, this association also offers your customers the possibility of not being congested by cartons much too large compared to the ordered product.