Heavy Loads

Our solution Plug-and-Carry® Heavy Load, first smart modular conveyor for pallets, makes easier transfers, handling and shipment of your goods

Our WCS supervisor

It recognizes itself the circuit layout, no need for setting various elements, no need for indicating each element’s position in the circuit, the supervisor discovers it on its own.
A supervisor which looks for the better way from one point to another one taking into account of the circuit layout and capacity.
A supervisor which acknowledge the layout modifications and adapts its automation program to address changes.

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Daily advantages
Fast installation
  • Shorter project duration thanks to standard material pre-tested and pre-wired
  • Agility for installation which reduce locking of site
  • WCS supervisor which recognizes itself the circuit layout
  • Your staff is trained as we go along the installation
  • No control cabinet, no programmable automaton
Operating Performance
  • System always available: in case of failure, only the one-meter element in trouble stops without disturbing other modules
  • 100% electrical system
  • Intelligent modules working together for smoother operations
  • Modifications on demand of your installation
Maintenance optimization
  • Ease of diagnosis and troubleshooting: the WCS detects automatically the deficient element, and repair is made by replacing the element
  • Regular maintenance can be made without stopping production. Simple, not expensive and preventive before being curative.
  • No pneumatic
  • Autonomous curative maintenance