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    The Company

    Know us

    Founded in 2012, BOA Concept is an innovative e-commerce accelerator specialized in intralogistics, listed on the Euronext Growth market. Led by a team of 50 people, a third of them in design office and R&D, BOA Concept is based on the values of Flexibility, Reactivity and Innovation.


    3 pioneering values that define us

    • 1 Flexibility

      Modular solutions
       Adaptability of teams
      Agile service offers designed to meet your expectations (CAAS, Fast Track)

    • 2 Reactivity

      Teams at the service
      of customers
      Customer proximity and
      global support

    • 3 Innovation

      Offer the most suitable solution to customer needs
      R&D always ahead of the curve
      Product developments to meet market expectations

    Composant 54 – 1

    Our vision

    BOA Concept installations operate on the principle of smart objects (IoT).
    Thanks to on-board intelligence, our facilities have convinced the big names in logistics and e-commerce in France, Western Europe and Morocco. Thanks to the ease of reuse of its made in France solutions, the company is fully committed to a CSR policy.
    Based on a modular and easy-to-implement design, the company democratizes access to automation by offering a range of intelligent modular Plug-and-Carry® conveyors for light and heavy loads as well as a robotic storage system called Plug-and-Store®.

    Concept Strength : Democratize access to automation

    Make all the links in intralogistics agile by integrating intelligence into your operating tools, by generating data, which has become essential for managing your supply chain.

    • Groupe 5381

      Make automation solutions accessible to as many companies as possible.

    • Groupe 5382

      Simplify and streamline your warehouse operations.

    • Tracé 17957

      Design agile and autonomous systems, piloted by a WCS supervisor, unique on the market, BOA Drive.
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    A selection of the best complementary solutions on the market, innovative, original and agile.

    A single point of contact, upstream follow-up, during and after the deployment of your project to offer you a lasting and trusting relationship.

    Groupe 445 Going against conventions established since 1980

    Develop autonomous, reconfigurable, intelligent and 100% electric modules to revolutionize the world of conveying.

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    Groupe 5290 Automate storage

    A solution available to all businesses wishing to automate their storage. Agile and easy to use,
    the Plug-and-Store® is a system able to adapt to an existing building, very flexible in terms of locations.

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    The team

    We are business facilitators. Inventive, rigorous, daring and expert in connected handling solutions.

    Chantal LEDOUX Co-founder Managing Director
    Jean-Lucien RASCLE Co-founder CEO
    Patrice HENRION Managing Director
    Thibault NICOLINI Supply Chain & General Ressources Director
    Christophe CLERC Fulfilment Director
    Cyril LÉON Fast Track Business Unit Manager
    Stéphane VISSAC IT operations Manager
    Damien VAUCORET Innovation Department Director
    Nawel BEKKAYE External relations Manager



    Lauch of the Fast Track offer. First project in Italy.

    54 people

    Market launch of the first goods-to-persons system by Boa Concept

    44 people

    Boa Concept installs its first modules in Morocco.

    48 people

    Lauch of the Conveyor As A Service offer (CAAS)

    39 people

    First installation in Plug-and-Carry® Heavy Load

    29 people

    First contracts abroad

    16 people

    Teams start to think about a smart modular conveyor for heavy loads

    10 people

    Lauch of the Plug-and-Carry® BELT

    8 people

    Winner of the national competition for the Creation of Innovative Company First Plug-and-Carry system for the company Oscaro.com

    5 people

    Company Creation Patent filing

    « Intralogistics will take you from point A to point B. BOA Concept will take you wherever you want. »
    Inspired by Albert Einstein