Historic 2021 turnover: €14.8M

BOA Concept,  e-commerce accelerator specializing in intralogistics (FR0011365907 – ALBOA) achieved a turnover of €14.8 million in 2021, up 162% compared to 2020.

The financial year was marked by very strong development across all solutions. The dynamics created by a multi-sector and multi-customer positioning, cutting-edge R&D and ever more agile and modular facilities have greatly contributed to this success. BOA Concept operates in a sector experiencing sustained growth. French people spent 129.1 billion euros on the internet in 2021, according to the Fevad, “Fédération du E-commerce et de la Vente à Distance” (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling). Sales of products and services online increased by 15.1% compared to the previous year. A sharp increase because in 2020, the e-commerce sector had already experienced growth of 8.5%.

In this very favorable context, BOA Concept achieved, thanks to all the solutions developed, an excellent performance with in particular the signing of 18 new customers and 40 installations. In addition, one of the strong axes is international development. This strategy is already bearing fruit with two facilities outside French borders, including one outside Europe.

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