Boa Concept, French manufacturer, is a team of 30 collaborators.
We are business facilitators. Inventive, meticulous, daring and expert of connected handling solutions.

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Energy-efficient and raw material-saving handling solutions

Our 100% electrical system, without pneumatics, works only when it is carrying a load. Inspired by road traffic, it favors slowing down against abrupt stop and restart thus reducing energy consumption. Thus, Plug-and-Carry® reduces noise in the warehouse.

This techno-digital revolution also change our customers. We re-internalized competences, both for the maintenance and for the handling system installation. The men/machine collaboration is there to develop a collective intelligence at the service of the company, which improve staff motivation and implication and reduce the resistance to change.

A sustainable using of our components, few spare parts and so, a responsible consumption of raw materials because we never scrap modules.