Our engineers, equipped with a test track, conception and simulation software research and develop new solutions to optimize our modules.
Improving the ergonomic side, standardizing the wiring, making easier installations, protecting belts to facilitate transfers, reinforcing robustness, developing new applications, Boa Team’s brains imagine new solutions for your warehouses.


Boa Concept bring the R&D to the boil


Our innovation answers to the three main cons of traditional installations.
  • The concept plans a smart modular conveyor based on standard components. In case of modifications or re-establishment of a handling line, components are simply moved and re-used. There is no scrapping. The solution is based on a limited number of components, which allows to build new installations recombining differently modules.
  • We remove the wiring step on site because each component is equipped in our workshop with all its sensors, which are connected to an on-board electronic card.
  • Then, components are simply connected in mode “plug and play” by connectors. This task can be done by the user without resorting to specialized staff.
  • We also remove the programming step on programmable automaton because our supervisor recognize itself the circuit layout. The user of the system will see directly the circuit and he only will have to indicate the functioning rules (intersections): parcels orientation in an area according to the articles to be picked or according to the carriers in the case of sorting of dispatch.

So, our solution Plug-and-Carry® is an automatized solution flexible for order picking. Our concept give access to automation and mechanization to companies which cannot use this kind of concept before because their needs were not precise enough.

It removes dismounting operations (which are unavoidable in the case of traditional handling during major modifications or displacement of logistics sites). It allows a reuse of investment; no part is wasted. The smart modular conveyor is less energy consuming, thanks to smart flow control and motors control too.

Maintenance is performed by standard exchange of defective components, with the support of the assisted maintenance procedures integrated with the computer supervisor. The smart conveyor allows its operators to increase their skills and appropriate for the maintenance of installations.
A preventive maintenance is available in the supervisor and is based on on-board electronic cards to detect any damage.